ULAP.org in Two Cents Entrepreneurial Series

ULAP.org joined Two Cents in their third episode of #Expat #WomenEntrepreneurs in the month of March. Marilag Dimatulac and Mitchie Tabirao, the founders of ULAP.org, shared their entrepreneurial journey and below are the few takeaways:

 🎯 As a social entrepreneur, you strive to give back to your surroundings, especially underrepresented communities.

🎯 Opportunities come when you seek out for them and take action.

🎯 Don’t let the lack of self-confidence stop you. You’re enough!

🎯 Look for role models to inspire you and make you believe that you can do it too.

🎯 When you have an idea, share it! You never know who will resonate with it and jump on board.

🎯 Finding the right people to work with is a two-way street: a relationship where everyone involved grows together.

For the full video of this interview, click here.

About Two Cents: A community that has a mission to create a movement where expats co-elevate to achieve each others’ professional and personal goals.  Follow them in social media here.


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