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The Underrepresented youth Learning Assistance Program (ULAP.org) is a for-purpose, non-stock, non-profit organization, providing scholarships, pro bono professional training, and community events. We help underrepresented Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students kickstart a career in cloud, data, and technology.

Through its accessible cloud and data-driven advocacy programs, we hope to encourage more young people, to pursue a career in tech.

The ULAP.org provides a technology-neutral, trusted hub for learning, sharing, and creating innovation using cloud technologies.

The organization is founded in 2021, by Filipinas in Tech: Marilag Dimatulac and Michelle Tabirao, in Denmark. Both are passionately advocating on helping communities by bringing digital literacy program and young talent upskilling. They recognized that with an ever-evolving and increasing use of cloud services and data-driven works, new and important changes are needed to the skill sets, roles, and responsibilities of cloud professionals. They believe that it is important to ensure that society can address the digital skills gap dilemma in both the short and long term. One of the best ways to approach these challenges is to create a community that gives students and professionals a space to share their passion in technology and innovation.

The core programs in 2021 are Cloud Career Kickstarter and Community Days. This year, we are bringing the program in the Philippines. The Cloud Career Kickstarter Program will open 10 scholarship grants all over the Philippines to passionate young IT aspirants. Scholars will undergo training, mentorship and certification program for both cloud fundamentals and speciality careers.

The Community Days are events that gather a community of cloud advocates, enthusiasts and learners to share knowledge and passion in technology.


“An inclusive tech community with equal opportunity for all.”


The ULAP.org wanted to motivate, prepare and guide passionate young IT aspirants by providing a neutral, trusted hub for learning, and sharing cloud, IT, and innovative technologies through its Core Programs: Cloud Career Kickstarter and Community Days.

The Cloud Career Kickstarter Program in 2021 will open ten scholarship grants to passionate young IT aspirants all over the Philippines. Scholars will undergo training, mentorship, and certification programs for both cloud fundamentals and speciality careers.

The Cloud Community Days is a program that gathers a community of cloud advocates, enthusiasts and learners to share their knowledge and passion in technology.


ULAP.org core values are technology, advocacy and policy.

  • Technology
    Work towards the latest innovation with a mission of making a better and safer world through digital literacy.
  • Advocacy
    A community of advocates passionate about creating value through sharing knowledge and expertise pro bono.
  • Policy
    To participate in policymaking of different institutions for the utilization of emerging technology in learning and education.


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Meet the team

Marilag Dimatulac


Michelle Anne Tabirao


Wany Cha

Scholarship Coordinator

Orland Delfino Tubola

Academic Advisor