ULAP.org 2024 mission: nurturing sustainable community and innovation

The tech communities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia have been thriving in recent years. These communities aim to address specific causes, promote collaboration, and provide resources for the betterment of the community and society at large. 

ULAP.org is one of the tech communities that has been an inspiration for aspiring tech enthusiasts. Filipinas in Tech launched ULAP.org in March 2021 with the objective of bridging the digital divide by providing tech programs in Philippines and Indonesia. We provide scholarships, mentorship, professional training, and community events with a focus on cloud technologies and data. We also strive to cultivate a culture of innovation and inclusivity, shaping future tech leaders. 

ULAP.org in the past years 

ULAP.org has played a role in preparing students for success in their chosen career paths by providing essential skills and opportunities. Through strategic collaborations with schools, mentor organizations, and industry leaders. In the year 2022, the Cloud Career Kickstarter Program marking a significant milestone in ULAP.org’s commitment to our advocacy on digital literacy.  

The community’s expansion comprises over 50 volunteers, interns, and certified scholars. We also hosted 15 successful community self-hosted events and conducted comprehensive instructor-led training in AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Azure, benefiting more than 100+ individuals. 

ULAP.org has extended its influence beyond borders, actively participating in and supporting over 30 tech events not only to the Philippines but also encompasses the Nordics and Indonesia. We also taken a pioneering role in spearheading events in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy in Denmark, aiming to strengthen the Filipino Tech Community in the region. Over the years, ULAP.org has forged partnerships with companies in Denmark, including EYISS, and SAP, organizing in-person networking events for Filipinos working in the Nordics. 

In the end of 2023, collaboration with partners such as Solidify and Dewise, we orchestrated a Christmas Gift-Giving event and career talks last December 2023. These initiatives were designed to inspire the youth of Catanduanes, Philippines. 

Our voice in 2024

In 2024, our organization has set two primary objectives – promoting community and innovation. We intend to promote sustainability as a core message of our community, which can be achieved by sustaining the individual members of the community, and through our strong partnerships with sponsors and organizational partners. On the innovation front, our focus is on mastering the latest tools and technology. We believe that choosing the right tools is essential for creating impactful projects. 

2024 Partnership

As ULAP.org looks ahead to 2024, it’s forging new partnerships and expanding its reach. With Solidify onboard as a premium sponsor in 2024, the collaboration will provide technical training, certifications for Microsoft Azure and GitHub, and mentorship to underrepresented groups that will be joining the scholarship program.   

“Every year, Solidify gives away a Christmas gift in the form of 100.000 SEK worth of consultancy hours and monetary aid to organizations that are directly improving the lives of others. This year, we are collaborating with ULAP.org, an organization supporting underrepresented STEM students in the Philippines.  Solidify will provide technical training sessions in GitHub and Azure, alongside vouchers to cover the full certification costs for scholars. We’re also committed to supporting their learning journey with ongoing one-on-one mentorships.   We believe in the power of community and the transformative impact of education. With ULAP, we’re not just giving a gift; we’re investing in a brighter future for those who aspire to rise!” – Magnus the CEO of Solidify. 

Dewise Partnership 

Dewise will continue to support us by sponsoring our community events, providing venue for meetups, trainings and even opening up their workspace for scholars, mentors and volunteers to utilize if they want to host mentoring sessions, study cafe’s, hackathons, or simply collaborate on learning projects. 

At Dewise, we work together with tech communities to spread our love for technology. We’re in a mission to put people at the center of innovation and that’s why we wholeheartedly believe in what ULAP.org is advocating: inclusive tech for all. We have to work hand in hand to expand the reach of technical upskilling, especially in areas where aspiring people from underrepresented group could benefit. A little act of kindness goes a long way and we’re here to support Ulap.org in its inspiring journey.” – Erik Svennevig, CEO. 

Kickstarting our 2024 Programs

On March 1, 2024, the first ULAP.org Community Day was held at the Dewise Office in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The event was a great success, with attendees from ULAP.org Community, Philippine tech communities, and various enthusiasts.  

The tech meetup served as a platform to the event theme “Exploring the intersection of Cloud Computing, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence”. Participants discussed the latest trends, shared valuable insights, and engaged in discussions about the transformative impact of these three pillars on technology.  

The event also provided a laid-back networking atmosphere, complete with pizza, drinks, and beers, which gave participants ample opportunities to connect. This would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of Dewise and the collaborative efforts of partners like Azure User Group Manila and the PH Tech Community.  

Keynote speakers, such as Bob Reyes, Mozilla Community Lead, shared insights on sustaining tech communities, while Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig, the founder of ULAP.org, discussed the tech and innovations. She also unveiled ULAP.org’s plans for 2024.  

This event was just the beginning, and more announcements are coming this year. On March 15, we will announce our scholarship program, so stay tuned! 


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