There’s always a Back Door

Written by: Karra Caye S. Santillan
Scholar batch 2021-2022
School: Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges

Since then, I’ve been an ordinary girl with big dreams. I wanted to be an architect because I enjoy holding crayons as well as painting and drawing. When I draw, I feel like I can express myself and share my thoughts through vibrant artwork, which makes me happy. However, as a Senior High School Student, I was unsure of what course I wanted to take in college. Should I continue my education to become an architect? or should I pursue a career in technology? You’ve probably heard the phrase “technology related courses are in high demand, so be practical,” especially from relatives who want you to pursue a career that will undoubtedly lead you somewhere.

I enjoyed fixing and troubleshooting computers when I studied CSS (Computer System Servicing) in high school. But it’s not easy. I am the type of woman who is afraid of electricity and does not want to hold a wire. I mean, who isn’t? Then, just before the entrance exam, I became confused once more. Even though, I went with my second choice—Computer Science. When I was in my first year, I didn’t take my course seriously at first. What I was thinking at the time was that I couldn’t possibly complete this course. I’m having trouble keeping up with the lessons. It’s difficult! You’re also dealing with a lot of numbers. It’s as if you’re playing a logic game, but things happen. When the opportunity comes up, I started taking it.

I wondered if I had put up my best effort. Is what I’m doing enjoyable for me? That’s when I realized that was all a part of my struggles. I work hard to learn to code and practice every day, given the fact that my codes are usually incorrect. I’m asking my seniors who can assist me in answering all of my questions, and I’ve found individuals who can help me. I explore and study till I am comfortable with it and understood everything.

My friends pushed me to participate in the programming challenge, not so that I could brag to others, but so that I could prove to myself that all of my hard work had been effective. Thank you to all of my friends who have always been there for me. Thank you to those who always have faith in me. I’m now proud to say that I’m still learning.

I want to achieve all of my objectives, which also include becoming a developer or a software engineer. I enjoy the development process, and no one can stop me from achieving all of my life’s ambitions.


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