Alibaba Cloud ACA Cloud Computing Training and Certification in Partnership with

On the 22nd and 23rd day of November 2021 at 3:00 p.m. PHT, Alibaba Cloud ACA Cloud Computing Training was held in partnership with This is a 2-day virtual event exclusive to scholars and community members/partners via Zoom Meetings. A total of 40 participants attended the training and were trained by a world-class instructor, Mr. Pablo Puig.

The training tackled various topics such as Alibaba Cloud basic products such as ECS, OSS, RDS, and SLB. Moreover, hands-on activities are also conducted and led by the instructor. Through these, every participant got a chance to familiarize Alibaba Cloud’s core products.

The following are some of the feedback gathered from the participants regarding the training:

“The training was extremely insightful and informative since I learned about the basics of not just Alibaba Cloud, but the cloud in general. There were times wherein there was an overload of information and it got a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there was a short break during the sessions.” —Kevin Luis Mallari

“It was a fun-filled learning experience. Learning Alibaba Cloud Basics made me want to dive in more about cloud particularly. However, as Kevin mentioned, the information was indeed quite overflowing and it also made me feel overwhelmed. Overall, the training is beyond comparison and it fed the thirst and hunger of my expectations regarding cloud information.” —Clairizza Arcillas

“The training was enjoyable for me. It’s a little overwhelming, but it gives me the motivation to learn more and challenge myself again. I’m sure that next time I’ll enjoy not only the Alibaba cloud but also the other platforms. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity to learn more.” —Karra Caye Santillan

“I learned a lot! Our instructor is always open to answering any questions about the different topics. In addition, I love how we answer the sample questions interactively during the training.” —Reniel Bryan De Lumban

The said training is not only an upskilling opportunity, yet also preparation for ACA Cloud Computing Certification. The participants who plan to get certified may take the certification exam and kickstart their career in Alibaba. would like to thank Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Training Team for making this virtual event possible! 


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