Written by: Anna Marie Alcantara
Scholar batch 2021-2022
School: Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges

I remembered the day that our instructor sent a link in our chat group that says whoever wants to apply for a scholarship in, so when I read it I never waste a time to apply because it’s an opportunity so I remind myself that whatever happens at least I tried but I never expected out of so many students applied in our school for this scholarship I’m one of those three who’s been accepted. At first, what I know is ULAP scholarship is giving financial assistance because honestly, that’s what I really need especially right now that we are in a pandemic, my parents are farmers they are already seniors and my brother is helping my parents on the farm and my sister is a solo parent and she also doesn’t have a job, I’m really worried to stop because I’m already third year and I really want to finish my college. So, going back after I understand how ULAP Scholarship works, I’m not confused that it’s not a financial assistance because it will give a lot of benefit to me that I can use in the future and I’m so thankful to be part of, I’m happy. I met a lot of professionals they give me a reason to strive hard because I want to be like them in the future, they give me the determination that I can fly with colors someday, they believe in me and their advice are always here in my heart and I will use this every time I move forward, every time I make decisions, every time I feel down and every time I don’t believe in myself anymore, they proved me that all battles I encountered in life are a part to make me strong, to give me a lesson and will take me to success. I also met my co-scholars, I saw their willingness to learn and their determination and that really influenced me, they’re really good at adopting knowledge and learning, they are smart, they have potentials and they have a lot of achievements and I’m so proud of them but, that also make myself be little sometimes because I think I’m not like them, I’m only a simple student who wants to learn and who tries to be better, I’m shy honestly but I always fight for it because I don’t want to waste this opportunity that ULAP gave to me. My ULAP mentor is Ms. Jonah Andersson, I’m so happy that she is my mentor, she gave me pieces of advice in life, in career, and in studies, that pieces of advice will remain to me because it gives me hope and strength to believe in myself, believe on my dreams and don’t give up to whatever happens. I’m so proud of what she is right now and I want to be like her soon. Every time we have a mentorship I’m always excited because I will learn a lot, and as what I promised to myself that I will do my very best to learn, ate Jonah teaches me different programs like PHP, HTML, C#, and many more and I’m enjoying it. Thanks to ULAP because I met her. So, ULAP.ORG thank you for giving me this opportunity, I’ll do my best to be better, to learn things, and to acquire new knowledge. I’m so excited in my journey!

I got four certificates for my ACA cloud computing, I’m so happy about it, expect me to get more certificates!


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